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  1. Yes, I think so! ^.^ Yay, eggs and sweets!

  2. tomorrow is the last school day and then my easter holydays will start! Yay! :D I'm so happy!

  3. If you say so. *g* ^_^

  4. Oh yaeh, it sounds like a lot of fun! *_*

  5. Aw, weekend! I'm so glad I can sleep no, school was exhausting...

    What do you do?

  6. Yeah, you're right. ^^ It can be a lot of fun.

  7. I guess that's true. Wouldn't it be easier if we were all natural born sports talents? :P

  8. Ah, good balance! Something I really don't have! What a shame! XD

  9. No, never! XD Is it very difficult, compared to skiing?

  10. It was great! Although I'm totally untalented when it comes to skiing. XD I'll not try it again,

  11. Sorry for my at reply, was in italy the whole last week. ;)

    Yes, I live in germany But when it comes to german geography I'm helpless. XD

  12. I don't know anything about german geography, too. XD

  13. Quebec, Ontario,... XD

    I'm terrible when it comes to geography.

  14. Ah, yes! Is french the mother tongue of everyone who lives in quebec?

  15. Aw, pineapple! XD I always use the worng words.

  16. Yeah, I like pizza! XD At least when it's without ananas. But it's not good for my weight. Hahaha...

  17. Strange thing isn't it. Everyone seems to like pizza (well, at least everyone under 50).

  18. Haha, yes, that's weird. XD

    How about the cheese on pizza? You never ate pizza?

  19. And of course you have to try some french cheese. ;)

  20. You'll have a lot of opportunities to take pretty photos, I'm sure. ^^

  21. Aww, Paris! I've been there once. It's really pretty! :D I especially loved the churches. ^^ (And the clothes stores *g*)

  22. Yeah, actually I do. Everything is rather calm here, we don't have this big-citylife-feeling. ^_^ I'd nevertheless like to see some "bigger" cities soon. Have you ever been to Europe. I

  23. Toronto! Next olympic winter games are in toronto, right?

    I live near Trier (Rheinland-Pfalz), Germany's oldest city. ;)

  24. I don't know, germans tend to see everything in a bad way. XD I'm rateher an optimist, though. ;)

    Where do you live in Canada?

  25. I live in germany, one of the most pessimistic countries in the world. ;) My weekend has been rather boring til now but tomorrow we'll celebrate carnival. I hope that it will be fun. ^^ Just want to warn you that my english is pretty bad. X) So don't wonder if I sometimes write nonsense...

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