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  1. Pop Montreal International Festival : Wednesday : The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Bajofondo, Elephant Stone Thursday : Silly Kissers, Masereti, Fever Ray, Micachu & The Shapes, Clues, Grahamzilla, Wolf AIDS, The Intelligence Friday : Kid Koala's The Slew, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, The Do, Japandroids Saturday : Ruby Jean..., Faust, Silly Kissers, Os Mutantes, Think About Life ... + Monday : The Mars Volta
  2. 00's : 1) Radiohead 2)White Stripes 3) Franz Ferdinand 4) Yeah Yeah Yeahs 5) Queens Of The Stone Age 6) Arcade Fire 7) Coldplay 8) Arctic Monkeys 9) Bloc Party/Tv On The Radio 10)Nine Inch Nails Honorable Mention : Gorillaz, The Hives, The Strokes, Interpol, M.I.A., Muse,Black Keys, 90's 1) Pearl Jam 2) Radiohead 3) Nirvana 4) Smashing Pumpkins 5) Soundgarden 6 & 7) Oasis or Blur 8) Beastie Boys 9) Beck 10)Nine Inch Nails/ PJ Harvey/Rage Against The Machine Honorable Mention : Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Alice In Chains, Massive Attack, Portishead, Pavement, The Verve, Weezer 80's 1) Joy Division (Even if Unknown Pleasure was realese in the 70's they're a 80's band to me)2) U2 3) The Cure 4) Depeche Mode 5& 6 Pixies/Sonic Youth 7) R.E.M.8) New Order 9)The Smiths 10)Jesus And Mary Chain Honorable Mention : The Police 70's 1) Led Zeppelin 2) The Clash 3) David Bowie 4) Pink Floyd 5) The Stooges 6) The Ramones 7) Sex Pistols 8) Television 9) The Police 10)? 60's 1) Beatles 2) Jimi Hendrix 3) Rolling Stones 4) Bob Dylan 5) The Who 6) The Doors 7) Beach Boys 8) CCR 9)OS Mutantes 10)? Hard to chose a decade : The Flaming Lips, My Bloody Valentine, Iggy Pop, Dinosaur Jr, Tool
  3. Monday I saw Franz Ferdinand and Saturday the Killers (Wolfmother opening for them). Not a bad week
  4. How was Dead Weather? Of course it was a little short because they just a have one album and they didn't play stuff from their other projects, but it was great , Alison was wild that night. The Screaming females were also great as opening act.
  5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Head Will Roll
  6. saw : Depeche Mode two weeks ago with Peter, Bjorn & John also two weeks ago : the Dead Weather last week-end Oshega festival : Coldplay, La Roux, Eagles Of Death Metal, Elbow, The Stills, Lykke Li, Beast, The Thing Things, Decemberist, Tiga, Arctic Monkeys, Girl Talk and Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!!!
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    apparently it's for the fall catalogue. here's the article (in french ) http://www.hebdoweb.com/2009/07/23/%C2%ABv...ille-de-quebec/
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    I just read that Ale was in Qu├ębec City this week to make some shooting with other VS models, anyone have pics? It will be much appreciated. :)
  9. thanks! And nice avatar btw!

  10. Saw : Tricky last Friday :atoobie: The Faint + Ladytron last week :dance: The Whip + Late Of The Pier this week too
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    Can someone repost the video for the commercial she did ,a few years ago, for Tim in which she was trying different outfits? thanks! :brows:
  12. Just got tickets for Depeche Mode in july, at 120$ a ticket it have to be good. Bloc Party this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tokyo Police Club next week!
  13. Malajube Trompe-L'oeil Malajube Labyrinthes The lyrics are in french, but the music is just awesome!!!!! the lyrics too, if you understand french(or ear them on labyrinthes)
  14. Nickel Eye (the side project of Nikolai from The Strokes), last wednesday , pretty cool stuff!
  15. Tomorow FRANZ FERDINAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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