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  1. The reason why she looks unnatural/has an odd-type of look to her is because she is extremely manufactured/has done a lot of surgery as seen by the photos of her throughout the years. Yes the photos below are of her, including her pre-surgery/pre-fame photos. You can see the striking difference of her before and after, which practically sums up the question of whether or not plastic surgery can make a person look more beautiful than they already are But it's obvious she has had jaw surgery, multiple nose jobs, cheek implants, lip injections, and wears contact lenses. Personal
  2. Wow, what a big difference a simple nose job made for her, she went from pretty to absolutely stunning! I can't take my eyes off her. She had beautiful features to begin with: eyes, lips, smile, face shape. I found some photos of her from when she was in Yer Gor Ask BEFORE her rhinoplasty and you can see the difference. Honestly, I think her career has really taken off since the nose job.
  3. This girl must be a model judging by the clothing racks behind her. Any name or thread on Bellazon? She's stunning.
  4. I think it'd be great to have a thread for beautiful women/girls that are not famous or to you are unknown; who knows we might find some names. There's a certain kind of beauty to seeing an unknown face, something you can only manage to catch a glimpse of, and nothing more.
  5. I want this post deleted: Because I have created the same thread in the General Babe Discussion where I think it fits better. Done. (~ M*)
  6. I found a photo of a girl on the interwebs that gives me a slight Taylor vibe. I think it's the eyes/eyebrows, and the lip shape. I have no clue who she is, or if it's just the angle that makes it look that way.Thought it'd be cool to share. Thoughts? Anyone else see it? It makes me a little giddy to see there may be a Taylor lookalike somewhere out there.
  7. This girl from my school -- I wish I had better pictures but I don't. These are from when I had facebook, and could see her pictures through being a "mutual friend". I don't know, but I think she's absolutely gorgeous -- moreso in person.
  8. Do you think you could post the pictures of Adriana that you have on your signature/banner?
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