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  1. Amazing photoshoot, she's such a lady
  2. Irina Shayk at the Elton John Oscar Party
  3. Crystal Renn, Irina Shayk, Jessica Gomes, Nina Agdal and Michelle Vawer pose for pictures after ringing the closing bell at New York Stock Exchange in New York City, 14 February some more hqs hqworld.net Such a lovely & funny vid with outtakes, thanks for sharing
  4. Vogue Paris March 2012 Photographer: Knoepfel & Indlekofer Stylist: Verinique Didry Model: Magdalena Frackowiak thefashionspot
  5. Doutzen in Miami via twitter.com/c_doutzen
  6. She's stunning, one of my favs of all the SI times, gorgeous session!
  7. expression... stop smiling girl you are not selling fLucking toothpaste! loool made me!
  8. Cover is quite boring, but I DO love Kate's photoshoot, I bet they have chosen the wrong photo. I love Irina's photos, very mild, beautiful, sexy - my favorite - like ancient statue. I love Alyssa, with her classy traits & these bright colours she just rocks it. Mmm I love Izabel as well, who else ... May be Nina, Anne, Jessica. Abour Bar - I expected another style! It is cool that she embraces sportsmen but I want shoots like other girls have - bright, colourful & sexy.
  9. Harper's Bazaar backstage http://link.brightcove.com/services/player...d=1423564834001
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