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  1. Hello :) How are you?

  2. Hii, how are you?

  3. Glad to see you back! :)

  4. Most of the time I do, soo :)

  5. Hahaha, I like discussions sometimes, but when I translate my words into English they always come out way different then what I ment :P

  6. That's true! I hope this is a working-period again ;)

  7. Yeah, I was plesantly surprised. I hope there will be some stuff in the Italian too :)

  8. Lkjh

    Hii :wave: How are you?

  9. Yeah it is :) I really liked that shoot, usally she's very sweet and polite, but this one kinda showed her edgy side, you know?

  10. Hii! Thanks for all your updates :hug:

    1. natanael


      Oh wow. I've just discovered this comment. Interesting. :) Thanks ;)

  11. Thanks :) I like her eyes the best too, they are her best feature :)

  12. Extremely jelaouse you live in London! :O

  13. Hiii! Welcome :)

  14. AAAHHWW :D :blush: That's so sweet!! I feel the same way, you are always looking so leavel-headed to things!

  15. Thanks for your sweet post! :hug:

  16. Thanks :) It's not that hard to make something good when you use pics of Bar ;)

  17. Hello :wave:

  18. Thank you so much for scanning Bar's VOGUE spread!!! You're the best! Five stars from me :)

  19. Thanks so much for posting the Bar-video, nice to have people thinking of the Bar-fans :hug:

  20. My fav. actors are Gerard Butler, Russel Crowe, Martin Sheen, and way way more but I won't post 100 pages. And oh, I also like older movies with Elizabeth Taylor etc. ;)

  21. Actually I'm not that familionair in models, I do have obsessions with actors/actresses though ;)

  22. Hiii :wave: Just wanted to leave your profile a comment ;) Nice to seem more Leo-fans around. Liefs

  23. Just dropped by to say hii :) I like how you follow so much models!

  24. I stole the tiny ELLE one ;) to compare with Bar :P Thank you so much, I want to change it soon though..

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