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  1. I just saw looper yesterday! I know they did something with his nose/face to make him look a little scarier but he was still so cute...omg and HOT for the first time lol

    1. Lkjh


      AAAAH I WANT TO SEE IT TOOO!! When I first saw the make-up on Joe I wasn't too happy tbh. But when I heard him speak a la Bruce etc I think it fits :) Hehehe I know right, all of the sudden he's a MAN! Did you like the movie?

    2. cherrybomb


      Yeah it was really good!!! So many parts of it were pretty realistic for a futuristic movie, it was a cool concept. Very well done even though the tale by the end was quite bizarre. I really enjoyed it! I think this movie more than most of his roles allows him to demonstrate how versatile of an actor he is. In most of his roles he's so likeable, he's the guy everyone likes! Even his earlier roles when he was in 10 things I hate about you, such a cutie...and since t...

    3. Lkjh


      Can't read your full comment, but I get what you mean. In almost everything he was in before you want to hug and cuddle him, even when he's playing a gay prostitute :p But he seems pretty badass in Looper, can't wait to see it!

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