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  1. The leg man has returned!!!

    1. Bad Apple

      Bad Apple

      Hey Happy New Year FD!! I'm sure my new avatar says it all...a photo of my co-worker's legs (whom I have a crush on!) at a meeting!!

    2. FashionDream


      Hiiiii happy new year to you to my favourite leg man! Muah xoxo

  2. Not bad! Still in love with Tori Praver's legs but I have to say from your pic if that's you that you're cute and probably have some nice stems yourself! ; )

  3. New avatar I have of Leggy Kym!! If I were famous I would go on DWTS just to have her as a partner so I could worship her heavenly legs every practice and show!! : )

  4. I just want you to know that I love your legs most of all FD!! : )

  5. Hey! FD!! Still sticking with my Kym avatar because I love her legs! So many legs to love and so little time!! ; )

  6. FD, what can I do to show my devotion to your magnificent legs? : )

  7. Don't worry FD your lovely legs will always have a place in my heart!!

  8. Hey I love mystery/detective novels too!!

  9. Kym Johnson from Dancing With The STars is my new Leg Queen avatar! BTW I KNOW you have great legs too

    FD!! ; )

  10. Hey! I just found a new leg goddess in Paula Patton. She's in the new Mission Impossible flick and pics of her on the web show some heavenly legs on her!!

  11. Well I just want you to know that I think you have great legs no matter what and that's coming from mankind's foremost authority on women's legs!! Love your legs fashiondream!!!

  12. A young lady in her prime showing me a photo of her legs? WOW! Do that!! I'm an expert and will give you a good analysis and even them on a scale of 1 to 100!!

  13. Always a delight to be chatted with! Especially about women's legs!! : P

  14. Oh yes, you know I love women's legs! I'm drooling over my next door neighbor's Annette's legs right now!!

  15. Hey what's up? : ) Lately I'm into the legs of Nikki Reed, Claire Coffee, Christine Teigen (my current avatar!), Tori Praver, etc. !

  16. I love Ariadne's legs!!!

  17. Hey FD! I have so many blonde model avatars that I'm putting up a reality star from The Hills as my avatar just to break things up!! Don't worry, as usual all my avatars are ladies with beautiful legs!! ; )

  18. Hey what's going on FD? : )

  19. Dear Sir or Madam, I just wanted to politely tell you that your avatar is an inspirations and one of my favorite acts to do with an attractive girl I happen to be dating...or hiring! : )

  20. Hey! Check out my new Veronika V. avatar!! Got a few more left!! : )

  21. Hey! Check out my new Yesica Toscanini avatar! : )

  22. Hey! I'm gonna send you the links to my new avatars later on tonight!! Remember they're copyrighted!!! LOL!!! ; )

  23. Despite the new avatars I just can't part with Tori and her heavenly legs!!!

  24. Thanx for the birthday wishes! May the beauty of Tori Praver's legs shine upon you!! ; )

  25. Yes that is indeed Tori "Leg Queen" Praver on my avatar. I usually change avatars about 3 or 4 times a year but I really like this one (4 obvious reasons). : )

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