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  1. Lara always oozes class, especially in Vogue shots like these
  2. Her Instagram is one of the best things I've seen lately!
  3. {name}

    Selena Gomez

    She looked amazing at the Music Awards!
  4. Oh my, Michea is ON FIRE lately. Love these lingerie shots, but the photos from Melissa Odabash are the best thing I've seen lately. She's scorching hot!
  5. {name}

    Olivia Wilde

    Her smile is one of the most beautiful things you could see on the red carpet.
  6. This year's lineup looks even better than last year's but I still dream of having Barbara Palvin back in the show and back with VS. She was stunning back in 2012 in that Christmas outfit, can't get it out of my mind.
  7. So gorgeous! Looking forward to see more fantasy shots from VS with her.
  8. Gosh, that photo is the definition of breathtaking
  9. Love the ad for Moschino, but that fragrance is pretty odd - you need to decapitate the teddy bear every time you use it
  10. Maybe Xenia Deli or Emily Ratajkowski are among the rookies this year? Xenia had a great year in 2012, rocked the cover of the Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue from South Africa just a couple of months ago and she also posed for Beach Bunny pretty often. A lot of girls who worked with Beach Bunny ended up in SI's Swimsuit Issue, see Kate Upton. As for Emily Ratajkowski - she's a big hit right now, especially after that Carl Jr's commercial with Sara Jean Underwood, and she definitely has the right curves in all the right places to be an SI girl. Gosh, I even think her body is curvier and more amazing than Kate's or Brooklyn's. She posed a couple of times in swimwear and totally nailed it and maybe the guys from SI will think of her as well. I really hope one of these two would be rookies this year. Also, I don't undestand why they heck they're featuring Katherine Webb - this is a big low in my eyes - yeah, she became an over-night sensation after the BCS Championship game, but she's not even close to being a 10. Olivia Culpo (who eventually won Miss USA and even Miss Universe) is a lot hotter and I really think I see girls hotter than Katherine on a daily basis. If they really wanted to feature an overnight sensation, they should've picked Barbara Palvin - that girl is close to perfection and after the VS Fashion Show and being falsely linked to Justin Bieber her followers went up like a rocket. PS: I'm actually the owner of a pretty popular site that focuses a lot on models, we've just published our list with the 50 hottest girls of 2012 here, maybe you'll like it.
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