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    It look cheesy as hell to me. Still Alessandra was best looking angel out of all of them.
  2. The last amazing VS fashion show.
  3. For a white woman she has big lips.
  4. On the VS 2010 pink carpet she looked the best out of all the women but looked old on the runway.
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    I'd give her another year. I remember back in 06 when everyone thought she had lost it she didn't get back to her old self until 08. To me she's still amazing. Not back to her prime but still hot. When she loses some of her old spark it seems get take her a long while to get it back. I remember thinking 2006 show was a bad year for her but that's because I was comparing it to 2005, arguably her best show. When I look back now I actually think she looked better in 2006 show than any of the subsequent years, even though she was meatier. All in all, it's been going steadily downhill since her peak in 2005. I'd have to say the hottest VS girl nowadays is Candice and I'm not even too much into blondes. Anyone else feels she needs to take all that muscle definition from her upper body and put it on her chicken legs instead? Yea I know, easier said than done... Candice (sorry fans) looks seem more Playboyish to me, unlike the other models.
  6. Adriana Lima looks like she's aging a bit on this one & her mil-dollar bra wear is a failure It's a damn shame that Alessandra is looking better then most of the women on the runway there Izabel is the true bombshell off runway, but walking she looks old Chanel is a freakin mess, she has no sex appeal whatsoever. I think she ruined the VS franchise Now, out of all the girls Maryna had the best outfit, body, pose, face like the old VS days. She is perfection. below http://sharenxs.com/view/?id=r3ynd2h-26263034277-3acc3yh
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