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  1. I am sooooooooo embarrassed. I accidentally put July. My birthday wont be here until august. Sorry about that. Thanks though.

  2. Im so sorry. I was dumb to set my birthday on July instead of august. Thanks though.

  3. I feel greater then when obama put osama to sleep. lol

  4. lol! I was waiting for you to comment on it, haha!

    thanks, btw ;)

  5. I am so sorry but i was dumb enough to put July instead of august. Thanks anyway, hun.

  6. Im so sorry, I will try creating another sig :)

  7. who's the girl on you avatar?

  8. The funny things is that it really works, lol!

  9. I love this site!

  10. Thanks sweetie! unfortunately i am having a boring summer break with work and all.

  11. Oh nothing, just admiring the hell out your adri sig. Is that one of her recent photo shoots?

  12. Nothing much except for have awful allergies this season :(

  13. With this handsome guy as my avi, I think im all done.

  14. aww :( hope hubby gets well soon

  15. You're the third person to complain about :( right now im working on my new sig and avatar :) sorry about that.

  16. Thank you, thank you. I tried my best, though :p

  17. I LOVE IT!

    What would bellazon do without you?

  18. im in love with your jareth sig.

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