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  1. I love this site!

  2. You're the third person to complain about :( right now im working on my new sig and avatar :) sorry about that.

  3. Im so sorry, I will try creating another sig :)

  4. aww :( hope hubby gets well soon

  5. Nothing much except for have awful allergies this season :(

  6. im in love with your jareth sig.

  7. Oh nothing, just admiring the hell out your adri sig. Is that one of her recent photo shoots?

  8. Thank you, thank you. I tried my best, though :p

  9. lol! I was waiting for you to comment on it, haha!

    thanks, btw ;)

  10. The funny things is that it really works, lol!

  11. I am so sorry but i was dumb enough to put July instead of august. Thanks anyway, hun.

  12. Im so sorry. I was dumb to set my birthday on July instead of august. Thanks though.

  13. I am sooooooooo embarrassed. I accidentally put July. My birthday wont be here until august. Sorry about that. Thanks though.

  14. who's the girl on you avatar?

  15. Thanks sweetie! unfortunately i am having a boring summer break with work and all.

  16. I feel greater then when obama put osama to sleep. lol

  17. I LOVE IT!

    What would bellazon do without you?

  18. With this handsome guy as my avi, I think im all done.

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