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  1. set with bianca? thanks hon :)

    i love yours this one too, such a cute dress for cintia

  2. say what do you think

    Face: [4 Pictures]

    Eyes: [4 Pictures]


    Nose: [1 Picture]


    Smile: [4 Pictures]

    Lips/Mouth: [4 Pictures]



  3. thanks good

    yes i am at tfs for some time

  4. hi, good thanks

    yes i am at tfs for some time

  5. thank you dear


    i could pass to bz from my pc for reason unknown but i moved on my own, i'm studying now, it is a new life, i still have no computer where i live but i can use it in university what i am doing now

  6. hi mania, dear, i missed you either

    i couldn't come to BZ for reason unknown lol but now i can because i am in other place.p.s i was so upset that lacey didn't win :(

  7. i love your new set CYP

  8. who's in your avi?

  9. thank you very much for wishing me happy b'day

  10. thank you for wishing me happy b'day

  11. thank you for wishing me happy b'day

  12. i love your new sig, you improved a lot. what blending did you use? witj layers? and one more question: with which tool you cut pics? oh wait you don't cute pics, right? then how do you remove borders between pics? did you get what said?

  13. (continue) BTB is awsome too, i was so afraid that it will flop b/c it is very unique and different from albums are on top in america, but it is platinum so it is not flop. i'd prefer 2nd cd much more than 1st one, all those songs written by linda perry are just i dunno stunning, my fave are merci on my soul, i got trouble, welcome, from 1st cd undearstand, slow down baby, i bought it, lol it

  14. sorry for late answer i totally forgot about my profile, i agree with you what u said about CA she is the one for me. song? omg it is so hard i love many many songs, hmmm special feelings i feel for nobody wants to be lonely b/c it is the song i started to love her from, stripped is the best album ever so i really can't say one song, but thet best are cruz, walk away, can't hold us down, f

  15. sorry i totally forgot about my profile, about Daughtry: i love "home" awsome song, 1st single is not bad too, where is he from? i've heard taht from american idol and somebody said that doesn't like his personality what's wrong with him?

  16. omg your awsome new set, it is amde very well

  17. omg your new set is adorable

    i casn't believe there are such stunning women as Cheryl

  18. yes you are right, now i'm not ashamed, you know i was younger and i cared what ppl say because otherwise they think you are stupid and don't communicate with you while for teen it is important and here there is very bad conditional with tolerancy.i'm very not proud but it just excist

  19. great then,i hope it will be good and he will be famous, btw who's othjer guy who won? is he good?

  20. btw i have just read your interests, you like Christina Aguilera too, great CA is my idol, i strated to love her when i was 12 now i'm nearly 19 and she is still my idol, i grew up with her.

    what's about don't like: i can't stand beyonce too, those dances are so not my taste

  21. got it, thanks for replying, he really looks funny, i noticed your avi b/c it is funny, it's canadian show, right? ok i would like to see video, if you could PM me it would be great

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