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  1. Can anyone capture those videos?
  2. http://www.glamour.it/moda-e-bellezza/get-inspired/2014/05/cover-story-eva-herzigova Can anyone capture the video?
  3. Thanks, fisker. Is that a new one? or just a new old one?
  4. Eh. You're way ahead of yourself. To boost her career? That doesn't even make sense- she was just on the cover of SI. More likely some guy she was with then took a picture. And the big deal is what? Unless something illegal took place which we don't know yet.
  5. Saling? or...shell collecting
  6. Who's the photog on STS stuff?
  7. Nice. If there are Marloes+Nina photos....
  8. Those are BAD things?!? I see it as a feature, not a bug. It is - That list doesn't include nudes.
  9. Nice fisker. Where'd you find those?
  10. Answers: Yes, I have the rest of the photoshoot. No, it's not Heidi. It is Eva Riccobono. Originally from Vogue Germany 2003 - also apparently in the Fraulein book. Here you can see the rest: http://alxxx.altervista.org/Eva_Mix/Eva_HQ/index.html Not sure how someone labels it as Heidi.
  11. Don't forget the images from inside that Balarm magazine: photos by Gabriele Pizzuto
  12. Larger size from SEPP: nowness.com
  13. Spezzato ads - Daniel Aratangy - danielaratangy.com
  14. minus, it looks like this video is from that shoot:
  15. Yes, it's her. Add to your reasons that the file is named like it's bianca as well. I found another from that same shoot also. more nudity : http://www.imagebam.com/image/2b256562934993/
  16. Thanks for the link Birkin. They are shot by Yu Tsai. That's good news.
  17. Thanks Birkin. Who's the photographer? Where are they from?
  18. Thanks annahys. Where are those from?
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