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  1. Are we all aware that she used to make videos where she played a hypnotist?
  2. Does anyone have a larger version of this scan?
  3. steveg


    Does anyone have any more images of her wearing this sweater?
  4. steveg

    Fan Talk

    Does anyone have ANY idea where this is from and more images in the series?
  5. steveg

    VS Model's ID

    http://www2.victoriassecret.com/images/prodlgvw/V255330.jpg http://www2.victoriassecret.com/images/prodlgvw/V255332.jpg now...who is this lady? Please do not hotlink. -Lullaby
  6. steveg

    Fan Talk

    wow...you guys like totally ignored my first post...no one agrees with me? or even wants to say hi?
  7. steveg

    Fan Talk

    I'm a big fan of Adriana... Sometimes I think Adriana is just mesmerizing. I honestly think that she missed her calling as a hypnotist. I'm only sorta kidding!
  8. Anyone have any larger versions of: or any other image in this series? Scans or such... Thanks a ton!
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