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  1. no problem! i did it with a little help from style.com, haha, i know i'm not the only one who gets annoyed when they see a new model and can't find out her name.

  2. great choices! i love vlada, sasha, jeisa, irina, izabel, hilary, caroline, lily d and looooads of others. i'm just model-mad, haha :D

  3. who're your other favourite models?

  4. i looove the simpsons, although i think lisa is my fave character :D. and futurama for that matter.

  5. did you have a good day?

  6. happy birthday :D

  7. i'm not sure actually :/ maybe just in passing. i like your new set!

  8. i'm just fine and dandy! been getting v. excited about all the paris shows gemma's been doing :D

  9. hello! how are you?

  10. actually i think i've heard of it!

  11. i hate mondays. so so much. yeah, i'm from england. i currently live in liverpool because i go to university there but i'm from nottingham originally and still call it home. :D where are you from?

  12. hi there! how're you?

  13. hehe, you popped my comment cherry. hello! :D

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