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  1. Well either that or I was having a relationship with a girl. Both are the case, but the correct explanation in this case was indeed the former.

  2. Nope she's not a model....it's just someone I know really well, and with that I mean REALLY well :P

  3. With regards to your question about my avatar. Depends on if you mean my personal info avatar or my bellazon forum avatar. If you mean my bellazon forum avatar that's my little sister Sofie and if you mean my personal info that's a candid shot by me done by some photographer (I'm not a model though, it's a one time thing)

  4. Indeed, I haven't been on since November. Had some issues with school and personal life (nothing bad), but just too busy to look up bellazon on a daily basis. Was sort of addicted and it took me too much time.

  5. Well about me looking serious....a lot of people regard me as feisty and cold.

    So who knows ??

    And yeah, it is my picture but an older one when I was younger. Other pics are on "People of bellazon" thread or something.

  6. Well Lyon..I already expected something like that to happen. I've an opinion and I'm not afraid to voice it, so certain people might take offense to it.

    Personally I don't really care about my rating, but it's nice to know that I at least provoke some reaction in people (be it good or bad) and don't just pass off as just another person :)

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