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  1. Been waiting for a thread for her, thanks!
  2. For the life of me I can't ID this model, and she's been on ASOS for a while now. I've looked through both asos threads and searched the forums and can't find her- Anyideas? Thanks!
  3. Any ideas on who this cute brunette is? She was all over Bershka's BSK Teen line for a bit- thanks!!
  4. Thanks for the adds! Looks like she isn't doing urban outfitters anymore, wonder where she's going next?
  5. Dolce Vita (they're older, but she's doing new stuff for them soon):
  6. Howard Petrella: Manfredi Gioacchini: New Pulse Management: Polas I haven't seen before: LA Models Portfolio:
  7. I've been wondering where Rachel went to lately, so I've tracked down some new pictures! She's been working for LA models the last few months, so hopefully we'll see some more new stuff soon. Is there a better way to find who model is working for other than trying to track down all the clothing sites by hand? Alvin Nguyen (Some new to this thread, some reposted but higher quality):
  8. Rachel for Anthony Friend Photography Source:http://www.anthonyfriend.com
  9. More new nordstrom if it helps
  10. More Nordstrom, i'll post a bunch more from the site later, she's all over.
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