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  1. model from Banana Moon company (circa 2007-2012), any ideas who she might be?
  2. MacTavish

    who is she?

    She is probably Polish, I found her in Ava, Nipplex and Virginia lingerie pictures. I don't know if she is still active or not, these pictures are circa from 2004-2008 I have quite lot of pictures, if anyone is interested, let me know
  3. Nationality: Dutch Height: 180 cm (5'11") Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Grey Measurements 97-81-104 (38,5"-32"-41") Shoe size: 41 (8.5 US) Known agencies: Francina International Modeling Agency Dominique models Okay models Ford models
  4. Bonprix... I have much more, this is for begining...
  5. so finally I found out who is one of them... the second one is Rayla Jacunda
  6. any idea ? it appears to be few years old pictures...
  7. does anyone know???
  8. first Konrad model is Natalia siwiec
  9. who is this girl??? http://bonprix.zoomo-viewer.com/html/zoom/...090x07_var1.jpg Do not hotlink images. Read the rules regarding hotlinking here. -Post edited by Lady Fatale
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