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  1. I love the two izabel ones. Those are beautiful.
  2. they are good foxy! and you are welcome thaigo, i mean your sets are great. but the raquel one's you do? breathtaking.
  3. my new raquel set is in the works !!!
  4. I think you need to text link nudity! :trout: And she's all right nothing special seen better out of brasil. Can I ask what is her ethnicity? Looks Eastern Europeanish.
  5. good! hehe :D heard about your little fight. JK :p I won't go there. how are you?

  6. I am so sorry ed! I just been so lazy :D

  7. Nouve

    very cute pic :D

  8. There is a film and movie section you know. :trout:
  9. I don't think this is the right thread for this sweetie.
  10. Thanks sweet and low!
  11. adriana overload! sorry, again for making you wait so long.
  12. Because you might not like the avi without a border: and if you want your name on it: the same setting appilies. 148x150 personally I like this animation without a border or name on it. BUt the call is up to you!
  13. thanks mesmel! and fery ! She looked so beautiful. Can I touch her?
  14. my take on the top ten well twenty #20 Izabel Goulart: Go IZA!! #19 Coco Rocha: I'm starting to like her, she's cute. #18 Jessica Stam: EWW. :x #17 Jeisa Chimminazzo: WOO!! :woot: hottie with a body #16 Tori Praver: Way to go TORI! #16 Caroline Trentini: EWW :x #15 Bianca Balti: gorgeous #14 Inguna Butane: breathtaking. #13 Sasha Pivovarova: <_< ruined the feeling #13 Vlada Rosylakova: eww eww eww eww! :x #12 Tiiu Kuik: Perfect. #11 Freja Beha Erichsen: Go Freja go Freja! #10 Snejana Onopka: :x #9 Julia Stegner: Julia! LOVE JULIA! :wub2: #9 Hana Soukupova: Cool #9 Daria Werbowy: Should be higher! #8 Miranda Kerr: too high up #7 Raquel Zimmermann: :woot: Raquel!!! She moved up a lot! love you Thaigo, Egle, and Ange you helped make this possible! #6 Eugenia Volodina: Should be in the top 3 #5 Ana Beatriz Barros: I guess kind of a lame model #4 Alessandra Ambrosio: I guess I'm okay with it. #3 Adriana Lima: YAY!! I love Adriana #2 Doutzen Kroes: <_< <_< hate her. HATE HER why is she so popular? #2 Gisele Bundchen: GISELE!!! Go GIZZ!!! jk GO GISELE! #1 Natasha Poly: Congratz Poly!
  15. YAY!! :clap: Go gisele :hell yea!: :hell yea!:
  16. 1: Izabel Goulart [3] 2: Marisa Miller [3] 3: Doutzen Kroes [1] 5: Laetitia Casta [2] 6: Raica Oliveira [4] 7: Heidi Klum [3] 8: Isabeli Fontana [7] 9: Miranda Kerr [5] 10: Natasha Poly [4]
  17. wow thanks fery and mesmel! Coco is so cute.
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