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  1. There's no Aida in your comment list. *problem solved*

  2. I AM BACK!!!!!

  3. I don't believe you :blah: And tomorrow I'm going on holidays, mwahahaha

  4. You still didn't take that sig off? :persuazn:

  5. POST POST! She called me a you-know-what :cry:

  6. Aida

    Do you have msn? I need someone to defend me from Heather.

  7. Take that sig off!

    I didn't anything :(

  8. you can be my second husband :rofl: but we can still have fun while KBIII isn't here :shifty:

  9. Are we still friends? I feel sad *cry*

  10. No, I was just taking a break from teasing you.

    But now I'm back :knives:

  11. aww don't cry... and why are you always offline when i'm on? :persuazn: stop running from me!

  12. Where's that thread gone??

  13. Hey! stop bashing my second and third husbands-to-be!

  14. Don't forget I'm about to get married to mbinebri :brows: and then there's KBII and Bouazizi... and Anthony haha :D

  15. and what about mine??? you're so selfish BOOOOO

  16. soooo... how much money did you earn for us? :brows:

  17. I'm not talking to you :knives:

  18. I'm not leaving, who told you that :o

  19. I willlll alwayssss stalkkkk youuuu mwahahahahaaaa

  20. Yo Suzi :shifty: So wh's in your avi and sig? Looks like a mix of Bianca and Rianne :D

  21. Hi soooorry I was really busy these days. :)

    How's life?

    What was your fav outfit and show at couture? Mine was Galliano's Napoleone suit at Dior lol

    Lots of kisses!

  22. Ahh yeah I loved Dior most of them all, Lily Cole's dress was great! And Zhenya looked good, tho the basket on her head...

    Yeah because of my stomach, but it's not like I miss it that much, I never took it seriously.

    What do you think of Stam's Lanvin ads? I think they're good, tho Tanya's are better lol.

    See ya!

  23. Boooo!!!!!!!

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