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  1. I'm happy to see people still watch the classics, as well as lots of Cameron Diaz films ­čść Last movie I watched was Johnnie To's Office, my second viewing. Still rocks, I would love to see it in 3D someday.
  2. Carla is timeless. Hope you're doing well, Ed.
  3. Thanks for my new avatar, fantastical! And thank you all for sharing her pictures!
  4. Nice little place you've got here.
  5. Nobody's perfect, thankfully.
  6. I've edited my last comment. Sounded a bit rude. Where's Ed anyway? Enjoying life, I hope.
  7. I like your thinking, Ed. Who do we need to call to make Nat Gio a reality? That's pretty cool! I haven't been doing my Gio homework so the last 10 pages or so are new to me. Rereading my last post I noticed my comment was not particularly flattering to Gio. I love both of these fine ladies' faces.
  8. Deserves a thread of its own! Gio even smiles at some point. It took me a while to notice it.
  9. I added the correct date to her Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carla_Ossa
  10. The star of one of my favorite films, the underrated A Countess from Hong Kong. Happy Birthday, Sophia!
  11. If the world's leading expert on Carla Ossa matters, I mean Ed obviously, doesn't know when she was born I guess nobody does (other than those who know her, of course). Speaking for myself, I don't trust the Internet, least of all Wikipedia. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Carla!
  12. Thanks for sharing! On the other hand, have you ever come across a truly terrible Carla picture? One which didn't make her good looks justice. I can't recall any in particular. And I swear this is the last question, is Gio still your second favorite ? Was she ever? Somehow in my mind I've made up the thought that if this sad world we live in was even sadder, as in Carla had never been born, Gio would be your Carla of choice. Your #1. Is it so? Edit: Wow, that was poorly written...
  13. Gorgeous, she shall follow me everywhere now. Thanks! Now I'm all nostalgic. I would love to know what everyone's favorite Carla picture is. Mine is probably this one, purely for sentimental reasons: I believe it was the first time I laid my eyes on perfection.
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