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  1. Revolve Clothing - new + without mark
  2. No words ! She is so gorgeous on the new VS pics
  3. Harper's Bazaar UK - September 2015
  4. This pics is so beautiful Thank you, Clau Snapchat
  5. @sarasampaio : #burningman #whiteocean #sunset @whiteocean_bm
  6. @Taylor_hill Don't see this pic on the thread. Sorry if repost.
  7. @romeestrijd : pushing through the final workouts before #NYFW @victoriassecret #tryme
  8. Now, we know where our Sara is
  9. @vitasidorkina : What can be better than a good friend next to you @liza_yermalovich we are waiting for you @krissroma #lizayermalovich #vitasidorkina
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