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  1. thanks! she looks so beautiful!
  2. thanks i like the second picture. he's one of the few people who can pull off those ray ban sunglasses
  3. never really cared for this girl, but she does look better with the ginger-y reddish hair than her blonde hair. makes her image look less of a ditzy blonde. but she reminds me of ashlee simpson when she dyed her hair this color too
  4. ^ my thoughts exactly. and she's on the cover of glamour? really? she seems more like the cosmoGIRL type of 'celebrity' same with ashley tisdale. i saw her on the cover of cosmopolitan and i was like wtf??!
  5. ^ haha that;s what i was thinking too
  6. well let's face it average ppl born in the 90's are..erm..boring and because she's not an average teenager this might be worth a read + 16 years are daaaaaaaaaamn long i could write a book about the last 2 weeks of my life (not in english though ) ehh she might not be the average teen, but she is the average disney 'star' and 16 years isn't all that long. your life has barely even begun when you're 16, even for this little girl shoot anyone can write a book about their life...or even parts of their life. just depends if it's that interesting and good enough to read.
  7. i love that one where she's smoking and the one with the lace. she's so beautiful!
  8. ^ haha yeah that's what i was thinking. bad picture quality and she looks like she was almost ready for the picture
  9. I don't think that it's possible to make Kristen prettier, the girl has a bad bone structure in her face. It makes her eyes bug out no matter what kind of make-up they put on her face. Ash on the other hand looks beautiful with or without make-up. And if you think that they did a bad job with how they made her look, check out the caps that they've got going on for New Moon. It's like they are trying to turn her goth. Ashely is stunning no matter what she's wearing but this is a little far...... nah i don't think they're turning her goth with the short dark hair. that's how alice cullen's character is supposed to look like. she's supposed to be short/petite, pale, with dark short hair. i was surprised that in twilight she had light brown hair. i think she looks good with dark short hair.
  10. I think they probably are, but I can't say I'm 100% sure. i'm sure they are as well. i think they'd look like complete circles if they were fake...like victoria beckham's, selita ebanks...
  11. i like his GQ photoshoot as for that 'getting laid' bit...that's so funny haha. i'm not sure if i believe either, but he is 20 something...still young. young boys tend to be horny...but he doesn't seem like the type that would broadcast it to an audience, haha.
  12. ^ most definitely! she's so beautiful! it's funny how she tends to look so different in like every single picture
  13. definitely guilty did you ever sneak outta your house?
  14. i think that since her hair's grown out a bit, she looks better didn't really like her too much with the short hair...didn't really suit her. but she looks great in desperate housewives now
  15. exactly what i was thinking about. she looks a bit chubbier to me...probably why her boobs looked bigger dumb bitch wrote a book? she's freakin 16...the hell has she done worth writing about...
  16. ^ same here. interesting that she's thai-hmong...i thought she was like part filipino or something
  17. most definitely are you lazy on the weekends?
  18. {name}

    I Am...

    making a few graphics and watching kung fu panda ( )
  19. yeah same here, i drink a crapload of water and i have never gotten a hangover, no matter how shit-faced i got but once i avoided one cause i stayed up really late...til 6 AM and my drunkenness wore off
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