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  1. yes i speak korean <really horribly > and im taking sign language @ school do you like nail polish
  2. NY cause i live in LA and it's alright natasha poly or doutzen kroes
  3. {name}

    I Am...

    just done with making my new set and i'm watching Season 8 of F*R*I*E*N*D*S
  4. http://img452.imageshack.us/img452/9643/0jennifer2oy0.jpg
  5. i usually spritz on Escada island breeze or Ralph lauren HOT <the purple one>
  6. omgsh pink!! that's horrible damn those losers REALLY thought that out <_< man i haven't gone to VS in awhile haha but i'm gonna go back there again soon to buuy more VS makeup
  7. great. you're welcome and glad you like it *******please credit me!
  8. haha thanks and you're very welcome glad you like ti!! *****oh btw please credit me, please thanks fery !
  9. you're very welcome mel haha i have a slight mcpheever/mcphan haha
  10. omgsh i'm so so sorry enVY!! i ttottally forgot to tell you that i was gonna be out of town<hawaii> for a week would you mind if i made yolu a set once i come back??which will be the end of this week! i'm so sorry
  11. katherine mcphee's STUFF magazine cover & editorial without the writing & text stuff edited by me
  12. 10! anything with adriaan definitely deserves a ten
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