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  1. i think she looks great as a blonde! her and nikki reed, haha
  2. haha nonetheless, i believe the whole cast... well the vampires, bella, and natives from la push, were all pretty hot/cute
  3. aw i love kate walsh loved her in greys anatomy and now i watch private practice too cause of her love the new pics! beautiful!
  4. thanks for the new pics! she looks absolutely beautiful!
  5. i suppose, but i do think taylor's cute
  6. ^ yeup thanks that edited photo is the result of a total loser who has no life and produce random shit for us
  7. she looks stunning in her cover+editorial! thanks so much !
  8. ^ haha let me guess robert pattinson's more your type right? haha i think taylor's a little cutie
  9. she's so beautiful! i love her on 'house' i do agree though, she is a bit on the thin side. but i think it's cause she's somewhat tall, 5'8''-ish i believe. but a little more weight + muscle mass won't hurt
  10. ^ i know right. just cause she leads a scandal-free life, she doesn't get noticed much hollywood is......strange haha anyways she looks so great in any look/style! loved her with her long hair and bangs, but i love her current look with the short hair too! so versatile!
  11. how do you know? well judging from the picture it just looks like it's photoshopped; the quality of the background and hair with the faces just dont look real. and plus she has a boyfriend that she's been with for a long time too...
  12. audrey is so beautiful ! her and marilyn monroe are the two timeless beauties that i absolutely admire and adore!
  13. she is absolutely beautiful! and i love her style too! it's such a shame that's she's so underrated she should be recognized more than some other celebrities <_<
  14. totally agree! i already knew and figured that the movie wouldn't be terrific cause i knew that it'd be really difficult to turn the book into a movie cause there's just soo much action and a lot of the elements in the book that would be hard to show in a movie (pretty much all the vampire action) so i gave the director the benefit of the doubt haha. but nonetheless i do think that the casting director was spot-on. her choice for the parts were great and they all act just fine
  15. beautiful pics thanks! the last one reminded me of daria werbowy
  16. lovely pics!! i swear, this woman is the epitome of beauty!
  17. i know! i'd be like ummm....premiere's canceled on account of you psycho females haha yeah i'm glad that they're just friends cause it'd be soooooo cliche if the two co-stars 'fell in love' and started dating blah blah blah. i think that the whole female population are glad they're not more than friends too, haha. i like that kristen is mature enough to keep her love life on the down-low and that the whole cast isn't like 'spotlight' hungry. they have their own private lives
  18. ^ haha oh god. oh yeah, i love it when guys look like dirty bums
  19. hell if i were him i'd look like that too girls act so crazy when they see him.
  20. ^ i love those pics! thanks i like it when a guy looks all good and spiffy in a suit
  21. thanks! the pics with kristen and him in their leather jackets are cute
  22. ^ seriuosly!! she's beautiful and i love how she acted kinda quirky too i absolutely loved her in the baseball scene!
  23. she's perfect for the part of rosalie, esp with the blond hair she's exactly how i pictured her when i was reading the books
  24. haha he has the funniest facial expressions in some pics thanks for the new pictures!
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