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  1. goood babee. exceppt thaat myy cousinn threww mee off thee bedd! & noww myy litttle cousinn withh ufos. Lmaoo. youu?

  2. hahaha i d k lolll.

  3. yuuup hunn:D lollll. howw aree yaa?

  4. hahaha theyy shiiit theiir pants!

  5. Lolll. myy cousinn wass hilariouus withh hiss answerrr. LMFAOO. I tolddd myy littttle coussin righht noww thaat "thee soldierss hadd to do cacaa in theiir pants if theyy weree in the airr, or do cacaaa or pee-peee on their enemis heads. LMAOO XD

  6. hahah yuuup Lu-Lu. Lolll. Myy cousinn alreadyy answeredd hiss quesstionn whichh wass "durring ww2 howw didd theyy go to thee bathrooom, whaat if theyy weree in thee airrr, Lee Leee"? Lmaao

  7. Welllll, forrr a boyyy.. Erich (AIHR-ICH) & for a girl.. Isabella or Rose lollll
  8. *littlee cousinn loll

  9. Heyy Lu-Lu(: imm gooood wennt to thee beachh (: tannnedd. andd nowww myy litttle iss askinng mee a questionn he hass beeen askinng forr dayys.

  10. imm awesomee hahaha(: thankks foor asskinng babee.

  11. hahah yeahh thaanks hunn(: * how aree youuu todayy?

  12. hahaha thee onlyyy thinng thaat myy fuckking stupiid hackker hadd righht wass thaat alexandraa maria lara and kate winslet are my favorite actresses:D biitchh. lolll.

  13. ohhh yeaah hunn! i wasss goinng to askk youuu. lolll (:

  14. yuuup. i sennt ittt to herr throughh thee mailll. gottt herr somee godivaa chocolatess & a macys giftcard ($200)

  15. i willl hunnn(: funnn inn thee damnnn sunnn! :D

  16. Heyyy hunn! happppy friiidaayy.

  17. Thanks for those picss guyys(: shee loooks a biit tireddd.
  18. Heyy hunnnn! thaanks forr droppingg by xD

  19. uy que mal! si escuche de la nube de cenizas en telecolombia. jajaja

  20. jajaja bueno gracias. y tu en Espana?

  21. sabes que el licor no me llama la attencion? (: que rara soy, chico.

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