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  1. She is a tad annoying to me, but I have not given up on her completely, just a tad.... Have the first season of L-word on DVD, cant wait for the follow up!!! Jennifer Beals is hot!!! Oh wait, is there a Beals thread yet??? .... gotto run and start looking for it......
  2. She was sooooo STUNNING!!!!! I mean she is still gorgeous but I like her the most with the big hair and amazingly thick eyebrows!!!! (cause I totally lack them, LOL, once went into a beauty salon to get my eyebrows done, "Which eyebrows?" the woman replied! LMAO!!)
  3. What a stunning girl, such a fascinating face! And those eyes.... That Anthony Kiedis sure knows how the pick um!
  4. DutchChick

    Sharon Stone

    Wow!!! Great pics, aspecially the ones posted by Hiro, the B&W ones!!! She looks sooo .... confident!!! And a smart cookie too!!
  5. Thats not Doutzen but Riley Keough (Elvis Presleys granddaughter), they look alike somewhat though!
  6. Gia movies on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search=gia+...s&search=Search Another great very passionate Gia site: http://www.giacarangi.org/
  7. Gia Carangi Janice Dickinson Shiraz Tal Priscilla Beaulieu (Presley) Sophie Marceau Brigitte Bardot Courteney Cox Jolijn Spek Debra Paget
  8. OMG!!! Her video Stupid Girls, is just DELIGHTFUL!!!!! http://www.pinkspage.com/
  9. http://fdm.zapto.org/f2k/works/f2k_sc1032_...re07-sb0404.jpg http://fdm.zapto.org/f2k/works/f2k_sc1034_...ore09-q0304.jpg http://fdm.zapto.org/f2k/works/f2k_sc1036_...ore11-q0304.jpg Some Moore on this site: http://www.f2kscans.de.vu/
  10. That is two divorces and two marriages ago! LOL! :evil:
  11. Dutch Frysk (Doutzen Kroes' native tongue!) English German
  12. Bio: Lisa Marie Presley figured it out. It wasn
  13. SHIRAZ TAL Bio: Shiraz Tal Date of Birth: October 13, 1974. Place of Birth: Netanya, Israel. Nationality: Israeli. Hair Color: Black. Eye Color: Green. Height: (cm) 179 (ft/in) 5' 10
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