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  1. ^Thank you Tito. Never thought I'd see The Trinity together again. Incredible!
  2. Thanks for all the great photos! it's been a joy watching Gisele return to Brasil and making everyone smile. So far, for me anyway, she's been the best thing about the Olympics! LOL.
  3. ^Thank you! I'm loving all the recent candids coming out of Brasil!
  4. A good write-up about Linda from Vogue: http://www.vogue.com/13435915/linda-evangelista-throwback-thursday/?mbid=nl_051216_Daily_VR&CNDID=6572430&spMailingID=12943024&spUserID=MTI3Njc4NjE1MDUyS0&spJobID=743381108&spReportId=NzQzMzgxMTA4S0
  5. The Zoo Magazine website shows its headquarters in Amsterdam (Netherlands) http://zoomagazine.com/contact/
  6. LikeAFineWine


    OK, I NEED this book! Interesting about the part where Gisele says you can always tell which models went through "Meisel University". Not the first time I've heard this. And she re-confirms that she's done with the catwalk, which makes me a little sad. Anyway, this is a great interview!
  7. Love the Superbowl pics! Gisele is simply the best!
  8. ^ How beautiful is that?? Thanks Kikala!
  9. ^Thanks, michelabella! Gisele's smile makes ME smile!
  10. ^Gisele looks so gorgeous in those latest candids in Brasil!
  11. ^ Wow. Linda is ridiculously beautiful in that picture. brazilianaffair -- where is this picture from?
  12. So simple, yet so beautiful and elegant. Loving this campaign.
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