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  1. thank you a lot michael!

  2. ownn..merci beaucoup ch

  3. salut kiki!pouvez-vous me dire qui est la belle femme en votre avatar?merci d`avance!

  4. Feliz ano novo tamb

  5. thanks for adding me.be welcome to bz!

  6. happy birthday girl! i wish all the happiness for you! and i also thank you for your amazing work with gisele`s site.

  7. oi!feliz anivers

  8. welcome anjelina!enjoy your time here and if you want,come vote in the most beautiful face of fashion poll.

  9. Hi megan!Be welcome!Hope you enjoy this forum.

  10. Joyeux anniversaire Edernez!Tout de bon pour vous en ce tr

  11. Happy birthday isi !

  12. i love your avatar!

  13. oii julie!feliz anivers

  14. Vous avez bon go

  15. hi hon!i just watched one more filme with isabelle adjani(subway)a filme from the 80`s with christopher lambert,jean-hugues anglade and jean reno-love him too-.i don`t know if you have ever read the following books but i recommend you :wuthering heights and notes on a scandal-this last one is really amazing.i`ve seen,beside et dieu cr

  16. i`ll repeat vanessaa:who`s the girl on your avatar?beautiful!

  17. sure!that`s by far one of my favourite books.i scanned the cover.but i read the version in portuguese,fortunately ,now i got the french version and i`lltry to read when i have some free time.

  18. you`re welcome miche

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