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  1. it seems that fake see-throught lingerie is still a thing even in 2018. shame. 👎
  2. They did before, they wouldn't mind doing. Not asking of vaginas, that would be too much obviously, but a strategic seethrough of outer parts would be nice.
  3. Total disappointment in fake lingerie transparency, ALL the models seem to wear some sort of second pair of panties, I've never seen a girl wearing under-panties-armor under see-through lingerie, and if she did, I'd fly her off the bed
  4. Hope to see some nice seee through on Adriana! Fingers crossed!
  5. Hello, anyone got any HQ pics of any naked models from this latest famous event? WARNING!!! THERE IS A NAKED FASHION MODEL INSIDE!!! CHILDREN GO TO BED!!! Thank you.
  6. pugnetta


    :-| Well they are more "true" than the "pre-buildt" ones at least.
  7. pugnetta


    Is it possibile that any nakedness slips out from a backstage?
  8. pugnetta


    The fact that the fifth pic has been photoshopped to remove the lines may lead to think it's clean pussy. Or maybe just because it looked like a pussy to the reader, it was shopped. We should investigate more on that pair of panties, could we find it on a VS catalog maybe? Either way, that pussy is six years old now. At present it sure it's different
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