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  1. i had lot of fun at school. it was bad to start with because they didnt talk to me still but then they did :) so thnks for helping me with that

  2. really??



    thanks govea! :D

  3. hi whysper :wave: i was wondering who that was in you avatar? only she looks a female versian of my best model

  4. thanks for the taylor photo :)

  5. hope you like your sig i did for you :)

  6. hi :wave: excited about mathias at fashion week nyc this week? :)

  7. hey kasten :wave: do you like taylor too? :)

  8. hi summerboy, how are you finding school or work? i made a few new friends in football and i forgot their names...i was like...oh hi..um..person? XD i figure i going to do what coach does and get people to wear name stickers!

  9. hi :wave: how are you finding school? i made a few new friends at football.but then i could not rememer their names...hmm lol i was saying oh hi...um...thingymijig .... XD

  10. thank you for the attention :) its very nice. ash is from england he is cool i have his round blue eyes but not much else haha

  11. i have been bit poorly today but feeling better now :) school tomorrow after long holiday.are you lookig forward tomorrow?

  12. im trying to find a pic of sean for thebelgianhare she let me pic a sean one she didnt know which one to chhose for sig....i dont either haha im looking for one where hsi face is on the side

  13. hey, i seen your site its cool :)

  14. i really beleive you were 98 lol feel silly now :(

  15. thnks for your information.he is your best model right

  16. boo :) did you watch the red bull x fighters

  17. thats so cool. you have to pay for that yeh? thebelgianhare wants me to make her sig fr her.(when she narrows down her pic choice) but i might give you to do it instrad haha and mine toooo!

  18. oh man lol. your sets are cool.how do you do them? i just have stinky paint ha

  19. cooool. am i the youngest boy here? :(

  20. i like peggle nights the best.want to buy it.but mum wont let me.im planning questions to ask my science teacher. like if you close your eyes when you sneeze to stop your eyes from falling out.why can i be tickled but nt tickle myself.see if i dont know a question what she asks me..i ask her one ofthese instead and usually she doesnt know.forgets to shout at me.last time it was why do we itch :D

  21. thats becuase he was so tall he missed it down there XD

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