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  1. i had lot of fun at school. it was bad to start with because they didnt talk to me still but then they did :) so thnks for helping me with that

  2. they scraped his hair back just like rad h last year i dont know alot of guys who could look good with that but he manages to do it because his feautures are so sharp
  3. is this taylor??? http://www.imagebam.com/image/ac7b1f48853549
  4. reminds me of the success party music... i get all the girls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXk3Z1se0WI
  5. really??



    thanks govea! :D

  6. i live either in canada or england depending on who i live with but either way its not too early here yay i am smart hope we see another new picture of taylor today too
  7. did i get it right??? if so do i get a prize thanks for the link
  8. row 4 3 along??? grey pants white jacket and shirt??
  9. he is cool! i like the h & m one the best
  10. welcome to the taylor thread shydivah thanks so much festat and sirius!
  11. hi whysper :wave: i was wondering who that was in you avatar? only she looks a female versian of my best model

  12. oh haha thanks :trout: just giving you girls a heads up... though it was a late one... since he did that shoot and interview in argentina the ben simon one hes had his hair in that style their with it on the side i just tried to do it..epic fail so i put that picture as my wallpaper instead (Y)
  13. hey his gap is out i wish i had photoshop or something to make real good ones i made taylor the most special one hes so cool did he do lacoste at all?
  14. thanks for the taylor photo :)

  15. hope you like your sig i did for you :)

  16. hi :wave: excited about mathias at fashion week nyc this week? :)

  17. hey kasten :wave: do you like taylor too? :)

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