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  1. Thank you, I believe you are both correct: http://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/model...showphoto/38308
  2. This is something I cut from a magazine either in the late 90s or early 00s and pasted into my scrapbook, but I'd like to find out who she is so I can dig up more pictures. It think it is either from an ad for perfume, beachwear or fake tan? Sorry I can't be more specific... I believe it might be Pania Rose but I am not sure... Any help appreciated ~ thank you :heart: ETA: My apologies, I just noticed I posted this in the wrong section ~ could one of the Moderators please move it over to Model ID for me??
  3. Is that the new memorial "M" for Marceline tattoo on her left hand?? It's really beautiful!!
  4. Not sure how old this is, or if it has been posted before, but what I find interesting is something Ana says towards the middle of this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfVaE-NtX5I&eurl= "My personal life? I have a new boyfriend for like ten months now. He's a ... art dealer. Not [can't tell if she's saying "for sure" or "not sure"] sure he's the man of my life, but I'm not thinking of getting married yet."
  5. Not sure what it means, other than that there was a pic posted here a while back showing more or less her whole family, and they all had that same tattoo.
  6. A site with loads of Angelina pix: http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/triplex/jolie/index.html I haven't gone through it much, but looks like there is some eye candy for the Angelina fans.. like myself.
  7. I love Elizabeth Ardens "Green Tea"!!
  8. Yes, I think male models are too feminine, they look way too polished.. I don't really like prettyboys.
  9. I am now 25, and I was on the pill from around 22, then I was on Depo for a while, and late last year I decided to get Implanon, which is a little plastic rod that gets inserted into your arm and lasts for three years. I am in Australia, and with a Medicare card it cost around AU$30, plus the medical appointment, as you need to get a doctor to insert it for you. I like not having to worry about remembering anything every week, or every three months, I am in a long-term relationship going on the 5th year.
  10. As Angelina is not listed, I voted for Bianca Balti, as they have similar lips. 'Course I wouldn't object to kissing any of those girls, least of all AnaBB!!
  11. Angelina should be making out with Ana Beatriz... ditch Brad and Helly and get it on girls:D
  12. Wow, until you read things like what you guys are saying, I guess its easy to forget that models are normal and real people, because we look up to them as higher beings in a way... I have not, and don't expect I ever will meet any models, which is fine by me, I will just continue to admire and be inspired by them from a distance. I first saw Ana in a 2003 (I think) SI magazine. While the whole mag is full of gorgeous girls, only Ana really reached out to me, and has remained my favourite ever since. I'm not even sure what it is about her.. I think it is the face
  13. Thanks! Yeah, I think I must be referring to the default skin:) WIll go and look at her Subforum now, then:)
  14. Who is she? Looks like Erin Wasson but I could be wrong. Would also love a much larger version of that same picture
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