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  1. Tong Tong Lui from Nathalie Models and China Bentley. More to see here: http://allaboutmodels.net/tong-tong-lui-na...-china-bentley/ allaboutmodels.net
  2. It's really sad. Do you know why ? She had an amazing potential ...
  3. Interview with Katja !!! http://allaboutmodels.net/katja-borghuis-interview/ To see more - go in All about Models dot net
  4. I'm obsessed with Masha. She's got an amazing look and walked many shows like Louis Vuitton etc. I took this picture of her in Paris - Masha Kirsanova at Elite Models by Samira Shekova after Louis Vuitton http://allaboutmodels.net/masha-kirsanova-...s-fashion-week/ ---- More about Masha Kirsanova - http://allaboutmodels.net/masha-kirsanova/
  5. Same here about Alisa. She had an editorial in the German Glamour --- This is Kaitlynn from Valeria Model Management. She looks a little like Kel Markey http://allaboutmodels.net/kaitlynn-ford-va...del-management/
  6. New snaps !!!!! http://allaboutmodels.net/patricia-van-der...k-union-models/ -< More
  7. Alisa Bachurina from AL & Women Direct http://allaboutmodels.net/alisa-bachurina-...s-women-direct/ allaboutmodels.net
  8. I'm obsessed with LISSA from Jill Models. She's awesome - http://allaboutmodels.net/lissa-melis-jill-model-management/ allaboutmodels.net
  9. She has an editorial in the new German Glamour. It's breathing http://allaboutmodels.net/german-glamour-suzie-bird/ allaboutmodels.net
  10. Rachel Cook from Elite Models by Jonathan Leder http://allaboutmodels.net/rachel-cook-elit...lse-management/ allaboutmodels.net
  11. She's nice, not bad Olenka from OKS http://allaboutmodels.net/olenka-tretjakov...del-management/ allaboutmodels.net
  12. Mallory Richards from Angies, Marilyn, Why Not & Wilhelmina Models read more: http://allaboutmodels.net/mallory-richards...elmina-why-not/ allaboutmodels.net
  13. Mallory Richards from Angies, Marilyn, Why Not & Wilhelmina Models read more: http://allaboutmodels.net/mallory-richards...elmina-why-not/ allaboutmodels.net
  14. Anastasia from City Models in Paris. She's amazing! I've met her in Paris and published some more pics that I took of her. She has a nice character ... To see more: http://allaboutmodels.net/anastasia-gorodi...traffic-models/
  15. I've spotted Stasya on a couple shows in London. I think one of them was Corrie or something like this
  16. Milous Sluis from DNA Models http://allaboutmodels.net/milou-sluis-dna-...ss-ulla-models/ allaboutmodels.net
  17. She's in All about Models featured with amazing pics. http://allaboutmodels.net/milou-sluis-dna-...ss-ulla-models/ Here're some of them Milou Sluis @ Ulla Models (Netherlands), DNA (New York), Joy (Milan), Nathalie (Paris), Tess (London) & Place (Germany) There is one Dutch girl that you should know. Her name is Milou Sluis and she’s 19 years old. She started her modeling in 2010 with Ulla Models in The Netherlands. It followed a pretty strong placement and the start of a modeling career with DNA Models in New York, Joy Models in Milan, Nathalie Models in Paris, Place Models in Germany and Tess Management in London. Milou did her debut during the spring/summer fashion shows where she walked for some smaller fashion shows like Ashley Isham. etc allaboutmodels.net
  18. I know her from somewhere. But I can't remeber from where. But she's beautiful
  19. I did a really really cute interview with Fifi on All about Models. I put also there some new pics from her. YOu should check it out. http://allaboutmodels.net/fifi-newbery-interview/ one of the questions: allaboutmodels.net
  20. I'm in love with Karina from PMST ... You can see more pics of her in the following link http://allaboutmodels.net/karina-pmst/ allaboutmodels.net
  21. I'm confused now guys. And sorry if this was only a rumor. I was told this by a model, who walked the show for Carachel. It's a kind of strange. Anyway maybe the girl meant someonelse
  22. Lena Fishman from Germany from M4 Models 179cm tall / 84 - 61 - 87 She has good polaroids, but commercial tests
  23. Ana Gilca from Premier in London More pics and infos are in this link http://allaboutmodels.net/ana-gilca-mandar...gement-premier/ allaboutmodels.net
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