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  1. a dinner to a wonderful restaurant...a Broadway show...walking at night in the coolest city...and laughing
  2. marlone

    I Am...

    thinking of HALE BOP COMETS :evil: :evil:
  3. TAKE IT A nice tour of CENTRAL PARK
  4. marlone

    I Am...

    saying HOLA and i'm missing someone :yes:
  5. is your teacher hot?^ then she probably knows the answer :evil: No - i'm terrible...the only word that i can spell right is FUCK If you urinate on an electric fence will it shock you?
  6. say YES to her GODDAMNIT^ she's on her knees and proposing to you :shock: :shock: PIPELINE is NOT NUMERO 1 anymore :kiss:
  7. marlone

    I Am...

    waiting and analyzing my favorite poem
  8. i like this couch...it's so COMFY and all...i think i should sit here for the rest of my life. :guitar:
  9. marlone

    I Am...

    going to play in the arcade bar with REAL friendsssssss
  10. who's ms. culito^ AWESOMALICIOUS
  11. marlone

    I Am...

    still listening to LUDOVICO
  12. no are you thinking about BDAY?
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