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  1. El Internado. this is not a movie, and TV series, but very good. I advise to look
  2. yuzik

    Thank you very much, very nice)

  3. Lyon

    Happee Birthday :p

  4. Happy Birthday! (:

    {I love your avatar haha}

  5. Lyon

    Happy Birthday <3

  6. yuzik

    thank you) I seldom I go to the site. nice to see the message)

  7. Lyon

    hehe, me again :p

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  8. yes) thanks)) are you talking to Russian?)

  9. yuzik

    Hi!) Thanks))

  10. ia tucha tucha tuchaaa :D sweet avi :)

  11. Lyon

    Hello yuzik, welcome to BZ, I love your avi, this is sooo cute :D

    And I gave you 5 stars, have fun =]

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