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    The 1st, 3rd, and 4th picks are of Kyra Santoro. Don't know who the 2nd is.
  2. Wow she reminds me of Josie Maran
  3. Wow she's going to be a star.
  4. That looks like a very awkward moment to me.
  5. Does the man standing next to her look like Jimmy Kimmel? Maybe they're starting press for the VSFS??
  6. Looks like they just took a steam.
  7. As a male I'd expect most males to vote for Emily so the current results have me thinking that some of the other contender's friends and family are just much more rabid about the voting. Her face is like an Art Masterpiece to me and her body to me is easily one of the sexiest I've ever seen in SI. The rookie voting from last year was very odd to me as well unfortunately.
  8. I think her body looks amazing in SI, healthy and fit.
  9. I'm ashamed in whoever is responsible for the voting. Catrinel should be #1. She needs to get rid of the Massimo tattoo though, maybe replace it with my name.
  10. 1. Candice Swanepol 2. Candice Boucher 3. Catrinel Menghia 4. Michea Crawford 5. Bar Refaeli 6. Petra Nemcova 7. Lara Stone 8. Anne V 9. Kate Upton 10. Doutzen Kroes Just put them in the order that they popped into my head.
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