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  1. heeeey..

    just a quick quesion. who's that girl in your sig?

    thx, sauce

  2. i wish i had a best friend who looked like her
  3. {name}

    Gwyneth Paltrow

    thanks suki, that was exactly what i was lookin for.. is it true that this is a marc jacobs dress?
  4. {name}

    Emma Watson

    wow she's turning into a young lady, really like to see that! i hope she'll have a successful acting career beyond harry potter!
  5. @playgirl thanks so much for this editorial!!!
  6. bar! the name already says it's nice:D
  7. her prod.? then the daddy's name would be ryan lesley... i've heard rumors about their relationship before
  8. wow i tried to find pics from the louis vuitton fashion show in munich, but failed.. was anyone successful?
  9. heeey i know it's been ages.. i'm sorry! i'm fine, and how ru? this week i've been very busy with family things. what have u done last week? graduation was great, when i have time i'll send u some pics!!

  10. anyone has more from the bodypaint photoshoot?
  11. barbara = tonja thompson, hilarious! that's great
  12. so will anja be out next (PLEASE SAY YES) or fiona??
  13. "bewegungsgünther":D)) someone from the jury used it because anja can't control her lips, it's terrible!
  14. you seem to be an fbi informant:D THUMBS UP but i just can't believe anja is top6! that makes me angry and not watch the show anymore! she should be out next because she's the bewegungsgünther!
  15. goood that's hot!! thanks for those!
  16. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...eoID=2020205292 here's the vid of kim frank - 2 sommer! don't you think that was a weird scene when the girls had to move into the car through the open windows??
  17. that looks like anja won't be out very soon, goddamn!
  18. look what i found whats that racism thing? where did you hear about that?
  19. thanks new to me sure thing! that fhm shoot is hot!!! i hope she'll do more in lingerie!
  20. HELL yeah! Rock! :blueeyedbaby: Thats him ????!!!! r u freakin serious?? Thats so crazy ! She's...he's pretty :shock: I think Micheal Jackson should definitely go to Asia and ask for those surgeons' help........:| So you think Hyori is just pretty not sexy? And Michael is already out of the modern medical science i think joker got some wrong.. hyori is a girl... through and through and has always been a girl!
  21. haha nice vid! why is it peyman doesn't like her??? i don't get it!
  22. aaah denise is such a weird person!! she always talks like she's on crack, can't believe she's still in. same as anja, who obviously just is not able to walk (how difficult can that be?), they'll throw her out soon. @carmelita: the thing with anni and fiona you described was great entertainment:D i was surprised to see anni so bitchy! what was alla thinking about while "posing"??? who'll be out next? what do you girls think?
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