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  1. Bar Refaeli

    No one here has any desire to listen to this nonsense. No one here even cares about this entire matter. Trolling of a model's thread will not be tolerated, and right now, your behavior can be considered trolling. Continued trolling of this thread will lead to a warning and possibly a suspension of posting abilities. Secondly, the idea that an Israeli court could have any sort of say or jurisdiction over a US-based webforum is laughable. If they did have a case against BZ, they'd need to bring before a US court of law. And since BZ didn't break any US laws with this thread, I think you'll find it very hard to fool anyone who critically evaluates your threats for longer than two seconds. YES, you right - I am talking not true things - Please block my user from this forum as soon as possible - you already blocked my from uploading photos and than nobody will tell me anything anymore The fact that Bar refaeli is a good looking person does not mean she and her mother needs to behave as they do. The israeli court will ask to show who are the people behain the nicks and they will pay for what they did - espacially * anat * in this forum
  2. Bar Refaeli

    Bar is going to court in Israel More updates will come This forum is going to be in the court as well We will see who is hiding and if Zipi Refaeli is here
  3. Bar Refaeli

    download this 2 files let me know what you think http://www.barrefaeliphotoalbum.info/downloads/1.ppt http://www.barrefaeliphotoalbum.info/downloads/2.ppt
  4. Bar Refaeli

  5. Bar Refaeli

  6. Bar Refaeli

    Please let me what you think More pages will be during this year with the new works of Bar in the future ;-) http://www.barrefaeliphotoalbum.info/
  7. Bar Refaeli

    Bar is keep on to lie and hide and also in Israel There is a big protest again her and the fact that she didn't do the army I think that in few months nobody will give her any work in Israel - The family are acting very bad and that's why we going to court. * anat * you will be able to write this on your website that bar is going to court again If anybody would like to support this case agaist zipi and bar please contact me in private
  8. Bar Refaeli

  9. Bar Refaeli

    http://www.ice.co.il/article.asp?pgId=119811&catId=1 Bar is going to be the presentor of Fox fashion and will get 400,000 dollers for this work Fox is very big in Israel
  10. Bar Refaeli

  11. Bar Refaeli

    http://celebs.walla.co.il/?w=/3607/127305 http://celebs.walla.co.il/?w=/3601/1273066 http://bidur.msn.co.il/msnEntertainment/Ce...80429111838.htm about all this talking on leo - they will get merride soon
  12. Bar Refaeli

  13. Bar Refaeli

    http://www.mouse.co.il/CM.television_artic...209,22474,.aspx SI shooting in Israel was on the Israeli TV When is leo will come here? Probbly he took Bar to the basketball game becuase his Hebrew is still not so good to read the Hagada! :laugh:
  14. Bar Refaeli

    New logo for the new Bar's internet website what do you think? Please rate it from 1 to 10 I think it is cool http://www.mypicture.co.il/box/refaeli_logo.jpg
  15. Bar Refaeli

    Do you think Bar can do DKNY as their model? I like DKNY