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  1. TEST BY S2DIO FRESH (source: freshmm.blogspot.nl)
  2. thawing dane: maja krag by george favios!
  3. You're very welcome. I was happy to do it.
  4. The new supermodel Bregje Heinen: "I made it" [i'm not sure if she's considered to be a supermodel by the fashion world] Written by Marieke on 06-02-2013 [That's the 6th of February, not June the 2nd as it would be in American English] Bregje Heinen (age 20) has recently entered the top of the modelling world, joining the ranks of models like Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel and Alessandra Ambrosio as boegbeeld for Victoria's Secret. [Boegbeeld in this case meaning she's one of their most prominent models. The author doesn't quite seem to grasp the distinction between modelling for VS and being a VS Angel.] For the girl from the Netherlands it's a dream come true. "At times I look at the other girls and think to myself: do I really belong here? But all in all I'm content with my looks. This is my dream and I made it, and that's what's most important." She tells Grazia. Self-confidence "Over the years I've grown more self-confidence. Growing up I always thought I was too thin, but now I'm a bit more vrouwelijker. [she's saying her body looks more like a woman's body now. That's rather an understatement.] My arms and legs could be a bit thicker. That may be bad for my career as a model, but personally I think that would look prettier. But no matter what I try I just can't gain any weight." The blond-haired model just has an extremely slim body type, she says. "I can't help it. I'll even lose weight when I ease up on candy for just a week. But it's not about being skinny, it's more important to be in good shape. You can be very skinny and still have cellulite. So I don't get this whole obsession with size zero." Hamburger Fellow model Doutzen Kroes will, on occasion eat only half a burger, but that's not the case with Bregje. "I'll definitely eat the whole burger, especially those from B&B in New York. I'm not that crazy about American food, back home I always go nuts with Nibbit-chips [A potato based snack in various shapes: rings and sticks.] fries, kebab and shawarma." [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kebab and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shawarma#Around_the_world] Bregje has settled in New York and is feeling quite at home there. At home in Borculo she can get away from her life as a well-known model. "I think they're to down to earth for that." And there's no low calorie cooking: "No, my mother doesn't do that. Here it's eten wat de pot schaft. [something parents usually say to their children, when they complain and don't want to eat their vegetables. Meaning that you just have to eat what's on your diner plate.] And if you don't like it, you can have a sandwich." I don't have the full interview, it's not online and I don't know anyone who owns that issue of Grazia. (On the cover she says: "Leonardo (DiCaprio) is too old for me.")
  5. That's not entirely true, we know a little about her ambitions, provided they haven't changed. Being a Victoria's Secret model has been her dream since she first started her career as a model when she was fifteen years old, according to her parents being interviewed about Bregje for a TV program: RTL Boulevard. (The voice-over also calls her an Angel, but that's just some dumbass journalist who couldn't be bothered with something like getting his facts straight or doing some research). And Bregje said so herself in that Grazia interview about being a (Victoria's Secret) model: ...Dit is mijn droom en het is me gelukt... Translated: This is my dream and I made it (not I did it, btw that google translation really sucks and in some places its just ridiculous and makes no sense at all). Unfortunately that's about all we know because she rarely gives an interview. Her agent (Micha Emmering Krijger) at Micha Models says that's to shield Bregje so she can lead a normal life (as much as possible). Also, I was very, very disappointed (as everyone else here is) to find out she wouldn't appear in this year's VS show. And confused too, I can't imagine why VS chose to leave her out, but I doubt it's because of her instagram page, I can't see anything wrong there. (I was glad to see Josephine Skriver got in, not sure about her outfit though).
  6. Masha for Pink Sands (summer 2013) Partial nudity
  7. Shot by Shamila For Neo2 Magazine (ullamodels.blogspot.com)
  8. Hi GoRangers74 Yes, please do. That would be great.
  9. ^ Me too. It sometimes upsets me deeply that she's both way pretty and way out of my league
  10. Sorry (can’t believe I missed those) But I’m almost sure this one isn’t…
  11. More from Free People's august lookbook:
  12. Thanks. Cute, isn't it? (It's from a commercial made by Studio Ghibli, they make the most amazing animated movies) Here's a link to the full version: Something more on topic, I found these (they're just a tad larger than the ones above, thanks for those btw)
  13. ^ & ^^ My pleasure. A question, is this Cintia?
  14. Sorry if repost (I checked the last 15 pages). Numero Magdalena on Vimeo
  15. I'm not sure if these have been posted before (very sorry if they have been).
  16. Cintia for NEXT in Central Park.
  17. Need some help IDing this model. Thanks in advance! (Shows are Poko Pano 2012, Caffé Swimwear 2012, Cia Maritima 2012 and 2010, Luli Fama 2010)
  18. There are also for all the dresses in the site. I think this was uploaded just a few minutes ago and part 2... http://youtu.be/j1jeUMLqvUM It’s a good thing she’s so pretty otherwise those videos might get boring Probably videos are boring, but it's good that she is learning to walk, we can have more hopes to see her in the next fashion shows I would also love to see her in a real fashion show (this stuff is just for an online catalogue). I had hoped to see her on the catwalk during the Miami fashion week swim 2012.
  19. There are also for all the dresses in the site. I think this was uploaded just a few minutes ago and part 2... http://youtu.be/j1jeUMLqvUM It’s a good thing she’s so pretty otherwise those videos might get boring
  20. ^ Hmmm, something went wrong there. (Don't really know what)
  21. [gif] [/gif] (gif very accurately expresses how I feel about these pictures)
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