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  1. Happy Birthday ^<^

    5 stars for you!!

  2. do you mean the animated one? oh i made it beleive it or not... thats my first avator!

  3. i love her too!that's so happy to see that she has a thread in here.thank you so much CarMELita for the potos and information.she's such a brilliant actress and an uneque woman
  4. i love laura! she was just so amazing in that 70's show
  5. thank you NİLFM ,i love tuba,she has such a natural beauty!esp.in last 3 pics,she has very little make-up on and looking just stunning
  6. yes,all the models that zeki works with are become risining stars(i firstly saw adriana,alessandra and karolina-and now tori - in zeki catalogs).we're so lucky in Turkey that we will see Tori in all billboadrs.YAY!! (exp:zeki is a turkish company)
  7. NİLFM ,the biggest fan of cansu ever seriously your work is so impressive.thank you so much.
  8. she's a true natural beauty thanks for the pics a lot NİLFM bu arada çaktırmadan sitede bir 'türk klübü' kurduk
  9. i think she's so cute in these pics
  10. and at the after party
  11. joss with prince william and harry before the concert for diana
  12. They're not getting married - they broke up a while ago, earlier this year, I think. She dated a guy named Denny for a few months after that, but has broken up with him too now - as far as we know, she's single at the moment. thanks a lot hon
  13. some web sites says that she and the prince are going to marry.and already made a marriage deal.is that true?anyone heard?please someone help
  14. OMG !she has the turkish flag on her blouse but why,i didn't get it!?!where are these pics from?
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