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  1. I know right! I feel really lucky to live there :)

  2. Thanks you! And yeah, to me, Scarlett is the most beautiful woman in the world!

  3. Amazing new avi hollander! Doutzen is stunning =)

  4. Thank you! Yours is nice too! Scarlett is... damn!

  5. Hey! Just to tell you you have the best set ever! Seriously amazing!

  6. Sorry for late reply hun! The girl is Mary Elizabeth Winstead, gorgeous eh?

  7. SUITE... laisser tranquilles! Alors j'ai fait comme si que j'

  8. Alors, j'ai rencontr

  9. Hey je savais pas que t'

  10. Your set is awesome, too bad Petra isn't really modeling anymore :(

  11. Her name is Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She's so hot! It's from Tarantino's movie Death Proof, the movie isn't that good but Mary's super sexy in it!

  12. Aww Emily's so cute on your set! Gonna be huge for sure ;)

  13. Awww thanks! That vid is awesome!

  14. I'm fine :) Just watched Telephone and I was just like =O Lool so shocking but I love it!

  15. So, how is SexyBitchh going?

  16. SexyBitchh is finally there!

  17. Monika is soooo beautiful on your avi <3 Stunning

  18. Well, Im trying to create my forum but I don't understand anything (the codes...)

  19. Well, Im trying to create my forum but I don't understand anything (the codes...)

  20. Oh thanks! Isa is so stunning. Oh and btw, I love your set!

  21. Haaha ! Oh and BTW, your sig is sooo cute and your avi is too hot =O Ok, I'm gonna slep right now cause in Paris, it's almost 2:00 AM...

  22. Loool I also want to change my username, but I don't know what to choose... What do you think about SexyBitchh n

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