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  1. Mega hot I'm not sure it makes sense but he looks really French to me, i don't know what that is but i could have guessed his nationality just looking at one of his pics And i don't think it's his girlfriend, i met him last week-end in a gay club and made out with him unless he's bi :brows:
  2. Thanks for the link... she does look good, she's got a classic beauty so i think most people would agree on the fact she's pretty but she lacks that little spark that makes me go "wow"... Pretty but bland if you ask me... but i understand how someone can think she embodies pysical perfection

  3. Taben

    BTW #2 i saw you wear glasses... you know what we say in France about guys wearing glasses ? *whistles*

  4. Taben

    Sorry i just noticed you left a message in my profile... thanks for the curry ! and BTW i've seen the pics you posted... you DO look good in a suit :p

  5. 1) Daria (though i love Kate too) 2) Neither, really.
  6. ^never mind that, apparently the source ain't reliable and it could be a joke/wish <_<
  7. in addition to her only-girl Dior FW07 campaign, Stammy got Lanvin
  8. Someone finally posted that cover It's good to see Gemma back on Vogue Italia's cover, she looks gorgeous and i'm sure her ed with Lara and Kinga will be stunning
  9. the nicks you gave them rock
  10. Lindsay is a cutie too bad she doesn't work that much what made you bump Eugenia up ?
  11. We should have a scan of it soon i've been looking for one for almost TWO DAMN YEARS :| Best ad ever and sorry for Raquel (who barely looks like herself here) but EUGENIA looks the best on that pic, she outshines all the other girls :neo2:
  12. ^ agreed and he's so damn hot in the first one :|
  13. 9 cause he's damn hot ! (BTW i've just changed my avi so if you don't see the new one with two pics of Eugenia wearing a black Versace dress blended together, don't rate me )
  14. my mind and I Numero Tokyo June 2007 Photo: Claudia Knoepfel & Stefan Indlekofer *source: scanned by Gazillion @ tFS
  15. <span id="“intelliTXT"">Warning: some nudity! hot in here Numero Tokyo June 2007 Photo: Dusan Reljin *source: scanned by Gazillion @ tFS</span>
  16. it's a present I love that smiley is it possible to make a copy of that DVD ?
  17. :| where did you get that DVD ? :|
  18. i agree overall but i believe Doutzen did walk for McQueen once SS06 show, but it was one of the most "commercial" shows of McQueen i've ever seen so this might explain that
  19. thanks for the input First thing: i have no income, i'm a jobless student but i do have a Motorola RAZR v3i and an iPod nano already so i won't have to put "extra money" on an iPod and a cell if i decide not to buy the iPhone You do have a point though: it's better to have a good cell and a good mp3 player than a bad cell/mp3 player combo, which is why i was a bit sceptical about the iPhone at first but all the reviews i've read so far are really positive ones, it seems that the iPhone is really good technology-wise. Here is some more information about it: http://www.apple.com/iphone/ Provided it's from apple's website, it only shows the positive sides of it and tries to sell it but all the people that got to test the Iphone so far gave positive feedback about it. The little demos totally won me over, i'm not a technology-whore, i'm even technology-challenged sometimes lol but this phone is hot and i tend to fall for hot things (which, on a semi-related note, is why i love London, everything's hot about it ) Anyways since it won't be launched in Europe before the end of the year i'm hoping i'll get comments from American users sometime soon
  20. No make-up ? it's more like... she rubbed her face in make-up :| lipstick, foundation, fake eyelashes, eye shadow, eyeliner... sorry to disappoint you but she's far from being natural on that pic
  21. Sorry if there's already a thread about the iPhone, i couldn't find any. I wanted to read other people's opinions about it, i've personally already saved $600 to get myself one but since I'm a compulsive buyer it would be nice to know what are the pros and the cons in your opinion thanks
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