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  1. why do you assume Pinky is a woman ?
  2. i think it is, and then you'll have to be even more patient 1k in less than a month is a good perfrmance though (Y)
  3. Qu├ębec anyone ? or is it just your ethnicity and you're american ?
  4. so it's all about hijacking huh ?
  5. why are there so many guys in this thread ? Does Lars have the power to turn guys gay ?
  6. Thanks Julia, i didn't post that ed because i couldn't find all the pic it's gorgeous !
  7. Some of the pics look so much like one of her old eds she looks gorgeous, as usual, though
  8. i'm in loooooooooooooove with Lara
  9. i still have a problem with her legs on the runway IMG says she's 5'10"/178cm, but we all know agencies tend to lie so i'm not sure how reliable that is
  10. I really wanna back you up on this one, Taben, but I just checked out an FTV video of Lara on youtube, and she's even beastlier up-close. She reminds me of a prehistoric, Brigitte Bardot-inspired drag queen. Stunning figure, tho'. hahahaha thanks for trying
  11. Blimey, my upcoming pay raise will push me from the 3.1% richest to the 2,01% richest. [Dave Chapelle]I'm rich, bitch![/Dave Chapelle] Well, not really, but I should be content with what I have. his upcoming pay raiser will push my dad here: You're in the TOP 0.001% richest people in the world! You are the 107,565 richest person in the world! It may seem a lot but he's studied for 12years (he's a doctor) and he works a good 60-70 hours a week so i don't think it's too much... i'm very proud of him though, i wish i were as hard-working as he is
  12. My father is in the top 0,08% richest people in the world, i'm in the top 100% richect people in the world
  13. i don't think her walk is that bad ! you can tell she's walking carefully and she's concentrating but otherwise i think Freja's or Sasha's walks are much worse And i like her voice, not what i expected but i like it
  14. ^ apparently it's just her and Kate, and let's face it: kate's latest pics are not as good as they used to be, so Catherine won't have much competition... that campaign could very well be a disaster BTW i like her in that "top10 models of Fall07" pic !
  15. when you reach a certain point of popularity and wealth it's not about money anymore, she's probably earned more money that she'll ever spend anyways, she just wanted to show that she's the one that decides, i'm happy that she quit after VS' refusal... i'm excited about the 5 new girls BTW, i hope they will surprise us... oh and i wouldn't mind if they got rid of adriana
  16. i already commented on tFS but i have to do it here as well... That editorial, is gorgeous, her legs look amazing thanks !!
  17. Apparently Nicole will be featured in the Lacoste FW07 campaign alongside Heather Marks, Shannan Click and Behati Prinsloo
  18. awwww tough one... i guess Stammy will get more votes so i'm voting for Hilary
  19. you're welcome, i love it too
  20. i don't know but it looks like an invitation
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