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  1. Where did the "Ignore Avatar" option go?! Will it come back?
  2. Would like to able to Hide Avatars again. I know that is sacrilegious but sometimes animated avatars give my comp st-st-st-stuttering problems that interfere with picture loading and scrolling (I get the little question mark icon, errors and continuous page loading, and the Mac twirling rainbow frisbee). Hiding signatures really helped but being able to hide avatars completely eliminated those problems and streamlined by BZ time...
  3. US_Rover


    Potential spoilers: Definitely peaked my interest!
  4. Fun, beautiful, and can surf...
  5. Some assorted photos from her Cal days to Beijing:
  6. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  7. Red rover, red rover, let little miss sunshine take over... Good, good
  8. Sorry, repost... don't know what happened
  9. Ghost Town I want to say that it's because I recognized the nurse and not the nerdy naked man.... :|
  10. YES! I'll take that answer! Pusher II to be exact... only because Mads played the main character in this one. From this to Casino Royale... Those Danes, tough people
  11. Okay, guess it wasn't that easy Hint 1, 2:
  12. Okay, this could be real easy seeing how some of you are such movie buffs...
  13. Antonia Rizo is all I got
  14. 1. Shenae Grimes (6) 2. Annalynne Mccord (6) 3. Jessica Stroup (8) 4. Kelly Brook (9) 5. Jessica Lowndes (9) 6. Lauren Conrad (4) 8. Nina Dobrev (9) 9. Hilary Duff (3) 10. Lucy Hale (9)
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