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  1. Does anyone know if she's an angel yet? VS was supposedly going to sign two new girls as angels this year, and my money's on Emanuela and Candice.
  2. ^That is beautiful. If she did write it, she had a lot of talent in that field.
  3. Gianfranco Ferre FW 09 (she opened & closed) imaxtree.com
  4. She's so beautiful! Thanks for all the pictures!
  5. D&G FW 09 imaxtree.com DSquared 2 FW 09 imaxtree.com Etro FW 09 imaxtree.com With Eniko Mihalik and Edita Vilkiviciute (sp?) GettyImages.com
  6. Anteprima FW 09 imaxtree.com Bottega Veneta FW 09 imaxtree.com Byblos FW 09 imaxtree.com
  7. Marios Schwab FW 09 imaxtree.com GettyImages.com
  8. Luella FW 09 imaxtree.com GettyImages.com
  9. Zac Posen FW 09 imaxtree.com GettyImages.com
  10. Vera Wang FW 09 imaxtree.com GettyImages.com
  11. Isaac Mizrahi FW 09 imaxtree.com GettyImages.com
  12. Photo by Russell James backstage VSFS 2006:
  13. I didn't really like how Gucci chose her over Natasha Poly, but... She's really beautiful and she's definetely growing on me.
  14. LastWish23x


    She better be doing something. It would completely suck if she wasn't involved at all.
  15. She looks so stunning! Thanks for the pictures!
  16. Doutzen, I guess. She had the better poses...
  17. LastWish23x


    I wonder who will open in her place. Probably Ale, I'm thinking. But if Heidi doesn't make it... who's going to close? There's only one name that comes to mind, and I hope to God they don't choose her. Geez.
  18. LastWish23x


    ^December? If she's four months along, she's due in November. But she still won't be in the show. I miss her already.
  19. Gucci Fall/Winter 09.10: via imaxtree.com/tfs
  20. Good for Bar. I'm really happy she has benefited from being on the cover of SI, and that she has lots of work. Thanks for the news!
  21. And just in case you want a taste of her walk... AIHBA youtube.
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