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  1. The person who won that Zambi Elephant that Leo autographed at auction doesn't want it anymore cuz she is DONE with Leo. If anyone is interested, she has put it up for auction on Ebay, here is the link: No advertising allowed. Please do not post information promoting for-profit sites. edited by MauiKane
  2. Hey, there is a bikini body poll over on Popsugar - Cindy has made it to the top 4! Go vote for her! She is definitely the hottest one of the 4 remaining!!! http://www.popsugar.com/3442932
  3. tinkerbelle, those are great photos - where did you find them? She looks amazing! Thanks so much for posting them!!!!
  4. Thanks so much for this photo! She is so beautiful!!! My very favorite model!
  5. N1Jade, thanks for that photo - it is gorgeous!!!!
  6. OHHH, Lisa, I totally love my new avi!!! Thank you thank you thank you!
  7. thanks for all the pics, bubbles and lisa! wow, she is so amazing and has such a wide range of looks! i am amazed by her!!
  8. Wow, Lisa, that Chanel commercial was fantastic! Thanks for posting it!
  9. i know of one... the martini glass was bigger than her!!!
  10. Lisa, wow, than you for those great photos of her with her children! Lily looks exactly like her! Wow, she is really beautiful, I can't get enough of her!! I am so crossing my fingers that she and Johnny will be able to be in a movie together!!! That would be the best movie ever!!!
  11. "Thanks MissLima And solange, I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, and I should feel sympathy for her because its obvious she the ugly stepchild of her family, and/or is the ugly girl who feels inadequate in a room of attractive women, so she does voodoo on them in secret, I know she must lead such a sad life because that's the only logical reason I can think of that would make someone act in such a desperate way, I know all this, yet I couldn't help myself. But I promise I won't do it again rolly.gif But, maybe she'll take this as a reason to seek professional help as to why she hates what she sees in the mirror, and my little rant will be seen as an inspiration instead of a diss...... probably not, but hey, one can only hope" You know, you are criticizing someone for saying mean things about Bar, but I have to say, Kay, from this post, I don't think you are much better than than the person you criticized!
  12. Lukas' EP is now out and available on ITunes! http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...20&s=143441
  13. gorgeous doesn't even begin to cover it!!! Will she and Johnny do a movie together? It would be perfect!
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