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  1. nope, got nether girlfriend nor buddies spending the whole day watching tv show instead of working and/or being overall useful?
  2. vlam

    I Am...

    inventing some swear words
  3. Audrey Hepburn Charlize Theron Anna Kendrick Brittany Snow 4 guilty pleasure movies
  4. Not guilty left the theater in the middle of the movie?
  5. vlam

    Do You Believe?

    No Do you believe that popular instagirls could be real models?
  6. not really, no do you remember the day you first came here?
  7. vlam

    THIS or THAT

    beardy. for now headphones or speakers?
  8. Yes Are you a dog person?
  9. Josie x1.5 / Claudia x1.5 Anna x2 / Gemma x1 Cindy x2 / Hye x1 Chanel x1 / Karen x2 --- Laetitia x2 / Vlada x1 Bar x3 Polina x1 / Rianne x2 Kim x3
  10. Doutzen x3 Inguna x3 Lindsay x2 / Frida x1 Valentina x3 --- Emanuela x3 Anna x3 Ruslana x3 Emma x3
  11. thanks, i'm great. glad to see you too :)

  12. yeah, i'm good too. and that's the reason i'm so inactive on the net. kinda :)

    anyways, glad to see you doing great. will talk to you on msn sometime ;)

    wow, you're moderator now... =)

  13. i'm not so bad too. a little bit wet, but i hope these rainy days won't last too long =.=

    glad you still remember me :)

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