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  1. thanks, i'm great. glad to see you too :)

  2. yeah, i'm good too. and that's the reason i'm so inactive on the net. kinda :)

    anyways, glad to see you doing great. will talk to you on msn sometime ;)

    wow, you're moderator now... =)

  3. i'm not so bad too. a little bit wet, but i hope these rainy days won't last too long =.=

    glad you still remember me :)

  4. hey. just popping up to say hi :)

    how' are you?

  5. hey. just popping up to say hi :)

    how's life?

  6. hey. thanks for stopping by.

    nice weekend to you, too :)

  7. i had some tech problems, sorry %)

  8. somehow i think we'll think something out :)

  9. again, if you will look into my profile veeery clooosely, you will see that i have icq, msn, and aim. no yim ftm, sorry :)

  10. well, someone makes it like that :*, some like that :-*

    but i guess that doesn't make any difference - all that matters is the feeling behind this smiley, right? ;-)

  11. oh, thanks sweety. those mags are just so... handy... ehem... where were we...? %)

    so, did someone offended my little girl? just drop me a hint and i'll make some new confetti for you ]:->

  12. yep. it wasn't too hard, was it? :)

    anyways, how are you without me here?

  13. that's my girl :-*

    as for my b-day - nothing special - thrown a party at local night club, then some home party, then...i guess it was morning...of 8th... o_O

    i believe you can see my age in profile... ;-)

  14. ok, would you pleeease clean it out until i make confetti out of you...? =)

  15. thanks pal :)

    haven't seen you for ages, how are you?

  16. thanks, now get it cleaned. now! :)

  17. thanks :)

    as you can see, i'm belated myself :D

  18. lots of fun and a headache :)

  19. happy holidays to you too :)

  20. hey joe. t'was nice to see you, too. too bad i was afk....

    anyways, happy holidays to you too, and drop me a note when you'll be online next time :)

  21. hey enca. i'm pretty fine, how are you?

    yes, that's mine 'drawing'. kinda... :)

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