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  1. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas ^_^

    I gave you 5 stars :D

  2. I'm into this jdrama kdrama. they both bring out very good and original dramas for people to watch. Hana Yori Dango Korea is a highly recommended show. Great kdrama.
  3. It`s best if you learn to do this by your self. There is no need to ask others when there are tuts to help you.
  4. Hedatary

    90's Flashback

    You know, I don't rarely come around to this site much and the last time i came here was around.....6 months ago? lol So i decided to give you guys a treat. As i was going through a collection of youtube random videos, i stumbled on to these....videos. And this is coming from a guy who listens to Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.
  5. Red Dragon. Anthony Hopkins. May favorite actor to ever grace the hollywood movies. No one can be a bad guy better than this guy.
  6. Flame, piss on it, hate it, love it, i welcome any and all comments on these two pics. They were a little too large to scan so i had to take crappy pics of them. These monster one is just something i've been having fun messing with, nothing serious. The other guy is a pic of an old guy. Anyway, constructive criticism is all welcome.
  7. Lets see....Iron Man, Hulk, Kingfu Panda, Zohan all in one day. And all i had to do is pay 20. Granted i could have snuck in but....i felt bad everytime i snuck in like a thief (Which i am good at by the way) lol
  8. Have no idea. ^ Has a girl friend.
  9. That was completely unexpected. And completely random for me lol
  10. Arite, i gotta say, ჌Chocolate-Dol`s siggy there is one of the best i;ve ever seen. Really truly unique and creative. Amazing. 11 out of 10.
  11. Since i don`t rate guys much less check em out, i would have to say -1 out of 10. XD but thats because i`m not gay. And if i were, and hypothetically speaking i am, i would say it`s a 10 out of 10
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